Dana Blouin is a passionate and driven entrepreneur and content creator who has built
a successful career in technology and media over the past two decades. With a
background in Information and Communication Technology, Dana has professional
experience in positions ranging from media producer and host to business mentor and
professional speaker. He also has a large range of experience with startup companies,
serving as CEO/ Founder to multiple over time.

Dana started the first company of many in 1998. He soon began working at Amazon-
backed Kozmo.com until economic issues caused the company to shut down. Dana
launched an unsuccessful media company before returning to work for a major
telecommunications company. He played a critical role in several product launches and
significant engineering projects. During this time, Dana started and exited several small
media companies and a digital publishing company solidifying his passion surrounding
the confluence of media, technology, and business.

Following these ventures, Dana relocated to Thailand to pursue a PhD from Thammasat
University in 2013. He has since been an active member of the startup community and
has founded several companies in Thailand and Malaysia. He has built a substantial
network in Southeast Asia which has helped open many doors to fundraising and deal-making opportunities.