December 6, 2019

Finding Inspiration

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with serial small business entrepreneur Jai Sachdev who runs several menswear related businesses. One of the areas that really stood out to me was this segment from our conversation where he talks about how he finds inspiration for different projects he is working on. 
One of the things I have already really admire about Jai is that he is able to find various micro-business ideas within the same industry and wrap them into a small business package so there is a fair amount of overlap and he can better utilize his resources across them.

Jai's family runs 108 Empire, which is a fabric merchant based in Bangkok, Thailand. So he has been around fabric most of his life. The transition to menswear and fashion was a natural one for him. Now he is currently a partner with Huddersfield Textiles in England and is building a line of men's suits alongside that fabric brand. 

Jai has also dabbled with having his own clothier and does significant social outreach with some of his philanthropic projects in Thai prisons with members of the band Thaitanium. 

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