September 19, 2019

The Asian MMA Podcast

I produce a lot of podcasts, on many different topics, it is after all the foundation of my media company. But not all of them are a business endeavor, some are pure passion projects. The Asian MMA Podcast falls in that category.

I've loved the sport since I was first exposed to it in the late 90s. I was a very active submission grappler for the better part of a decade in the 00s and even a pro fighter (though not a very good one) for a few years.

Being based in Thailand I've become entrenched in the Asian MMA scene. I spent many years as a referee and judge for regional shows across Asia (something I no longer do). I've even done commentary for a few in more recent times.

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The Asian MMA podcast allows me to do a few things. First is give exposure to regional fighters who otherwise would not get any. Second I get the opportunity to dive into aspects of the sport I enjoy and provide insight and analysis. Lastly, I get to have a good time talking about a sport I love.

I am fortunate that my producer Emily, whom I have worked with on several projects over the years is also an avid fan of the sport.  She was willing to come along on this ride as a side project.  while we work on developing other shows and different forms of content together.

If you are also a fan of MMA subscribe and follow what we are doing.