Play The Long Game in Business | Plan For Success

So many new entrepreneurs or wantrapreneurs that I talk to have these ideas that they are going to achieve some massive success in the first year of business. So many people have this artificial timeframe of one year that they attach to things. And while it’s very possible to have big wins early on, make no mistake, as an entrepreneur success is the long game.

My Product is Done, What’s Next? | Q&A

My friend Josh recently asked me about what his next steps in business should be now that his product is complete.

He wanted to know if he should focus on marketing or perhaps start to raise capital. Now that his product development is complete.

one of the things I suggest that he focus on was using the one page business plan method to help research his industry and customers and flush out his business goals.

If he doesn’t need to raise capital he should be focusing on trying to build a company following and to develop his customer funnel.

How to Write a One Page Business Plan

Before you start a business you are going to need a business plan, and in most cases you’re going to need to learn how to write a business plan. In this video I’m gonna go over how to write a one page business plan that will jump start your entrepreneur endeavors.

Every business needs a business plan, and learning how to write a one page business plan is a great start. The one page business plan is a simple business plan that any startup entrepreneur can put together with a single day of research and writing.

Crowd Funding in Asia For Startups

This video is a bit of a departure from my normal vlogs, but I sit down with my friend Michael Waitze to discuss the state of crowd funding in Asia for startups, and specifically we focus on crowd funding in Thailand and two companies in particular Dreamker Thailand and Asiola.

How the United Airlines CEO Should Have Handled The Incident

I am sure by now all of you guys have heard about or seen footage from the united airlines overbooking incident where there was a man dragged off flight from Chicago to Louisville. We now know his name is Dr. David Dao. To give a quick recap, basically United overbooked a flight from Chicago to Louisville and they needed to put 4 crew members on that full flight so they could work another flight at the destinations. They offered the passengers to voluntarily be bumped and offered them as much as $800 to do so.