How Big Will The Internet of Things Be?

How large will the Internet of Things get? Some estimates have it as high as 2 trillion USD by 2020, thats just 5 years from now. If we thinking about that rate of growth it would stand to reason that there is truly no market segment that the Internet of Things will not impact. From our smartphones to wearable tech like smart watches and fitness trackers to the devices in our home and even our cars. To hit that 2 trillion dollar prediction the Internet of Things will spread into just about every aspect of our lives. This is also a good reason why security and privacy have to be paramount during the development of connected devices.

Will robots tidy up after us?

Will robots be tiding up after us? It might not be that far off. This video is a demo of a Roomba using a camera and cloud based image recognition software to identify objects in the home. Tech like this will help drive the Internet of Things to new levels. Smart homes are already a hot market segment for IoT devices so it seems like a safe bet that a connected and smarter Roomba might do well.

The tech involved in a project like this ranges from simple such as the camera and Wi-Fi connectivity to more complex algorithms that run in the cloud and help the robot to identify the objects it encounters.


Record Breaking Hoverboard Flight

I know I am not the only one who wants to see a significantly increased amount of hoverboard activity in the world. Like those of us who grew up watching the amazing trilogy that is Back to the Future hoverboard quickly became part of the lexicon.

In this epic video you can see Catalin Alexandru Duru take a self made hoverboard for a a record breaking flight across a lake. The previous record was set at 50 meters, needless to say the new record of 275.9 meters (almost 1000 feet) smashed the previous record.

I hope to be riding a hoverboard with my self lacing shoes in the very near future.






Hello world!

It seems only fitting that a site about tech have its first post titled “Hello World” (code joke).

Anyway, the team is working on getting this up and running to the level we expect it to be at. With any luck in a week or so it will be as awesome as we hope.

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