When and How To Monetize a Community

My friend Casie has been one of the loudest voices around International Handstand Day. Now that she has created a community around the project she wants to figure out how to monetize a community. Because at the end of the day that is what it comes down to, can we monetize it.

How to Find A Co-Founder

Finding a Co-Founder, especially a technical co-founder can be a difficult task, but it’s not one you want to rush, so make sure you go about it the right way.

My Product is Done, What’s Next? | Q&A

My friend Josh recently asked me about what his next steps in business should be now that his product is complete.

He wanted to know if he should focus on marketing or perhaps start to raise capital. Now that his product development is complete.

one of the things I suggest that he focus on was using the one page business plan method to help research his industry and customers and flush out his business goals.

If he doesn’t need to raise capital he should be focusing on trying to build a company following and to develop his customer funnel.

When To Hire Your First Employee as an Entrepreneur | Q&A

When to hire your first employee is a question that a lot of entrepreneurs come to when starting out. I think everyone knows that I am a massive fan of bootstrapping a company and getting it off the ground with your own resources. But it won’t be long before you hit diminishing returns on your time for a lot of the tasks.