What to know about Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country to visit, the Thai people are friendly, the country is beautiful and has a rich culture and history. But, before you visit you should consider these 5 things. Enjoy the vlog

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Embrace the Grind

Not long ago, a friend asked me for some advice regarding how to go about getting the most from working for a large company. My advice was simple, embrace the grind, which is a term that, as far as I know, comes from wrestling. The idea is that you have to put in the work on the mat to be successful, the same is true in the business world and the tech world. You need to put in the time, learn as much as you can and constantly be working on improving your knowledge and skills. The more work you put in the better you become, so embrace the grind.

Don’t Give Up

Recently, my Friend Tejas and I took to Bangkok for the day with the goal of shooting some hyper lapse footage of several landmarks around the city. To our dismay we were shut down at our top two location choices and had to come up with another plan. It was our ability to think creatively and be flexible that allowed us to at least come away with some type of successful footage.

I think the moral of the story for us that day was don’t give up and be creative to reach your goals. A few small obstacles should not keep you from success.

The Thailand Startup Ecosystem

I recently attended the Startup Thailand 2016 event in Bangkok. Though it was apparent that there were a great deal of resources put into the event my impression was that it fell flat of its intended mark. The big draw of the event was supposed to be the Prime Minister announcing a program of the government making $500 million available for startups, though the overall feeling seemed to be that such a program was ill-conceived and likely would not materialize.

And though not many of the well established or innovative startups in the country showed up to event there were in fact a large number of small startups there representing their products and services. Even though there was not much innovation on display at the event there were a large number of companies represented which I think bodes well for the economy as a whole. If the event repeats next year I will be looking for some signs of improvement and hopefully growth.

MIMMA 4 Ladder Matches

I was recently in Kuala Lumpur for the MIMMA 4 Ladder Matches and I was not at all disappointed with the level of the fighters. Given that I had felt let down in a few of the tryout stops I think the match making for the ladder matches produced some outstanding fights. We witnessed 72 fights in 2 days, most of which were above average. I can’t wait for the quarter finals!



DIY Beard Balm

I recently found myself in a situation I did not want to be in, I was out of beard balm. Coming across beard balm in Bangkok is pretty much impossible given the overwhelming lack of facial hair in the region. This left me with just one option; make my own beard balm.

I first had to find a simple recipe that I knew I could find all the ingredients for, and for that I took to the Internet. After a short time of searching I figured what the basic ingredients were and how to put them together. The recipe I ended up following is:

1 part Shea butter
1 part cocoa butter
2 part beeswax
2 part coconut oil
2 parts sweet almond oil
Lavender and peppermint essential oils to your liking

But the big challenge was finding the ingredients here in Bangkok, and for that I suggest you check out my vlog to see what I had to go through to find the ingredients.



Create More Content

Over the past few years my views on my work have really began to shift. I have started to look at the body of content I have created from a larger perspective, let me clarify. Going back about 8 years or so now I had started writing tech articles for websites and magazines, I always viewed that type of content as totally separate from non-tech articles or works I wrote, a little more than decade back I had created a series of videos on MySpace called Bulk TV; which were more jackass inspired than tech related and I viewed them as completely separate from any tech work I would later create. A few years ago when I took a stab at creating tech videos on YouTube I again viewed that as something all together unrelated to previous work.

Now I have begun to view all the work have I created as somehow related to each other. Though the topics may differ and there is a vast difference in quality and continuity I can now look back and see how my ability to create content has improved. It is because of this realization that I have decided to start creating more content, to try and get better at it by doing it more often. Which is why I started my new YouTube Channel and have begun collaborating with different people like my Friend Tejas here in Bangkok and Josh in the states to create even more content and push myself creatively to new places.

Check out my newest video with Tejas where we start planning our first endeavor for something we are planning.

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