The Value of Reputation | How to Build a Reputation

The value of reputation is greater than any other byproduct of your character. Knowing how to build a business reputation and managing that reputation is also important, because every time you have an interaction in life and in business you are putting your reputation on the line. In this vlog I try to touch on both aspects of this subject by giving examples from my deals with a great tech startup DRVR and also giving some other examples form companies that are no so positive.

Take Action Toward Your Goals

Take action toward your goals. Taking action is the only way to reach your goals! A lot of people just don’t know how to take action in life. This can be especially true for those who want to be entrepreneurs, you have to take action in entrepreneurship if you want to be successful. If you don’t take action toward your goals then you are allowing them to go unfinished. The thing that separates truly successful people from others is that they take action when it’s needed.

Are Great Entrepreneurs Born or Made

Are great entrepreneurs born or made? that is a great questions and one that has spurred countless conversations over the years. I have talked to people who are on both sides of the are entrepreneurs born or made debate, but I think it’s important to have a critical discussion on the topic. To me, we all have the potential to be an entrepreneur, we just have unlearn a lot of what we are taught in school.

The Best College Degree For Entrepreneurs

Getting a degree is often seen as a major achievement in people’s life. But, if you want to go into business yourself you might be asking what is the best college degree for entrepreneurs, what to study to be an entrepreneur. These are valid questions to be asking yourself. Because unless you come from a family of entrepreneurs or are surrounded by business people and entrepreneurs you won’t have any idea, I know I didn’t and you have to ask should I go to college? do I need a college degree to be an entrepreneur? In this vlog I try to answer the question, what is the value of a college degree for an entrepreneur, or at least for an aspiring entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Year End Review | Startup Year Recap

The entrepreneur year end review or the startup year recap is something I have been doing for a while now. The end of the year is a good time for entrepreneurs to look back and take stock of what they have done and where they fell short. Having a year end review process as an entrepreneur is an essential part of your self evaluation.

Mistakes I Made As An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur I have made my fair share of mistakes, Some small, and some BIG. Today i’m going to share them with you. Let’s talk about it. Business mistakes can be the best education for entrepreneurs. For many making mistakes is how entrepreneurs learn. If I can help people by sharing what I learned from my mistakes then its worth it to me to put these types of videos out there.

How to Build a Killer Pitch Deck | Startup Pitch Deck Tips | How to Pitch to Investors

As an entrepreneur raising funds is going to be a big part of your efforts, knowing how to pitch to investors and how to building a killer pitch deck is going to be a big part of that process, What goes in that pitch deck? This video will go over my top startup pitch deck tips.

No matter what state you are at with your startup knowing how to pitch to investors and how to build a killer startup pitch deck is a top priority. To do that you are going to need to know what goes in a startup pitch deck. In this video I’m going to give you my top startup pitch deck tips that will give you the knowledge to know how to build the perfect pitch deck and how to pitch to investors.

What is Success | Define Success Upfront

What is success and how do we define success up front? Success is different for everyone, we all have a different goal line depending on how we define success. and let’s ask the question what’s your definition of success.